Three Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Whether you're going to a Halloween party or prepping for trick-or-treaters here are some easy costume ideas

Halloween as a kid meant awesome costumes of your favorite characters, trick-or-treating around your neighborhood and maybe a mildly scary movie edited for time with commercials (looking at you Hocus Pocus) before it was time for bed. And the candy, don’t forget the candy. Sitting in the middle of a pile of candy while carefully sorting your haul is a rite of passage for all kids that brave the sometimes-harsh weather conditions for a treat. 

But alas, those youthful days are fleeting, and most adults are relegated to maybe watching a Halloween movie on mute in the 24hr fitness center of your apartment community or sneaking an extra fun-sized candy bar between appointments. Sure, you can still check out a bunch of things to do near your apartment, but it’s not quite the same.

Just because you’re a grown-up, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up on Halloween. Whether you want to add a little flair to your workday or attend a Halloween Party with friends, below are three last-minute Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank or suck up your time to make.

1. The Spice Girls

Scary? Sporty? Posh? How about Cumin, Pumpkin and Anise? Grab some fellow last-minute partiers and head over to your neighborhood copy center and print giant versions of spice jars. Pin or tape them to a solid colored t-shirt or be extra fancy and get matching aprons. 

2. Green with Envy

Any extra easy couples costume: one of you dresses in all green, the other wears a shirt with “ENVY” on the front… get it? Puns aside, elevate the costume with green face paint and a green cap, or a green morph suit. 

3. An Emoji

Back in 1997, it would have been quite difficult to dress as an emoticon, but today, it’s easier than ever to dress as your signature emoji. You have one… admit it. Grab your favorite blue or purple shirt and get posing. If you want to put in a little more effort, dress as the dancing man or woman. For a great friend costume, find some bunny or cat ears, and dress as the twin emoji.

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